INNOAI works to provide our clients the opportunity to establish real estate portfolios that provide income, wealth, and security. 



We are a creation of many years in the finance industry. We do not

limit ourselves to real estate, we can arrange auto and equipment

finance, home improvement loans, etc. This further gives our clients

the opportunity to diversify their portfolio. Our account monitoring

service is an ongoing part of our client account maintenance services.

This allows us the ability to provide for real time info and status of their

account at any time.


INNOAI got involved in a big way and targeted the niche markets that others just wouldn’t even consider. Using Private Money and Hardmoney Lenders, we were able to secure funding on projects that were overlooked or just too unreal to fathom.  Our belief in our client and ourselves allowed us to distinguish ourselves then and keeps us highly sought after today. 


So, today we are INNOVATIVE ACQUISITIONS AND INVESTMENTS.  We have created “The DnA Project”.  It is the most creative and innovative program that we have ever undertaken and it stands alone in reliability. Whether you have little to no credit or you have great credit and resources you can benefit from “The DnA Project” because of its flexibility.  Give us a call, take it around the block, kick the tires, whatever, and then let’s do some business. 


Jerry Curvey, COO, INNOAI