Private Investments Funding – INNOAI acquires investment funding for property offerings that member clients locate and pursue purchasing.  INNOAI performs a full research, (see INNOAI Researched Offerings) of the offering, so that a specific and customized finance package to meet and fit their unique needs can be devised. 

INNOAI Researched Offerings – We do continuous and vigorous research on properties that we consider excellent buys.  We make those offerings available to our clients. These in-house offerings are not to be confused with public investment offerings, which are by definition: The making available of a new securities issue to the public through an underwriting. It is also called public offering. Our offerings are private and only available to our clients for them to review as possible investments, additional requirements apply.  INNOAI in-house and individual researches, include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Property legal description

  • The property address

  • The property type

  • Ownership

  • Last sale date and/or previous recent sales

  • Condition

  • Current use of property

  • Highest and best use of property

  • Estimate of current market

  • Listed sales price

  • Presenter's opinion

  • Current tax information

  • Current County appraisal information

  • Maps and directions

  • Neighborhood demographics

  • Median income for neighborhood

  • Traffic count (if available)

Credit - In an effort to keep our member clients’ loan ready, we encourage them to monitor their credit bureau information. INNOAI does not do, recommend or advise on credit issues. Our goal being

to make them, prime loan ready, through an investment portfolio that leverages them in the loan credibility process. Although, not the major factor, in the loan process, is important in the long range plans of the member client accounts status. Credit will affect the credit rating, which determines the interest rate on the funding and the terms.

Funding Resources & Lenders - INNOAI works with many Private Money Investors, Subprime Lenders, Hard money Lenders and other resources, individually and sometimes jointly to create the desired funding outcome. This also includes Cross Collateralization.  Hard money financing are for loans that Do Not meet banks or normal financing sources underwriting guidelines and need to close FAST in as little as 2 weeks. Normally are for short time periods, usually 6 months to 2 years. Loans to: stop foreclosures; need funds immediately; buy out partners; pay taxes, bankruptcy workouts; short fuse business opportunities; purchase discounted notes; rehab. etc.